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Here are some useful contact numbers for Rosena Ranch residents. 

In addition to these contacts, be sure to check the non-emergency contact numbers and city and county contacts.

Rosena Ranch Management

Rosena Ranch Team offices are located in the Clubhouse.

  • Rosena Ranch Clubhouse
    3420 Clearwater Parkway
    Rosena Ranch, CA  92407

  • Hours:  Monday - Saturday  |  9am-6pm 
    (closed on Sunday's and some holidays)

  • Phone: (909) 355-0225

Seabreeze Management Team Members:

  • Marne Logan
       General Manager
       Monday - Friday  |  9am - 5pm​

  • Kaiori Castellanos
       Facilities Manager
       Monday - Friday  |  9am - 6pm​

  • Yesenia Munoz
       Compliance Administrator

       Tuesday - Saturday  |  9am - 6pm​

  • Mamawi Duffey
       Office Assistant
       Mon., Thurs., Fri. & Sat. | (time varies)

  • Seabreeze Management
    Customer Care Center

    Available 24/7
    (800) 232-7517


Here are the utility companies that provide services to homes in Rosena Ranch.


City Services
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