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Schools & Services


Rosena Ranch is served by both the San Bernardino Unified  and Rialto Unified School Districts. ​​The school district is determined by your neighborhood within the Ranch.

Elementary Schools
  • Pakuuma K-8
    phone: 909-381-1100

  • Kordyak Elementary 

Middle Schools
  • Kucera Middle
    phone: 909-421-7662

  • Pakuuma K-8
    phone: 909-381-1100

High Schools
  • Cajon High School
    phone: 909-881-8120

  • Carter High
    phone: 909-854-4100

School Districts

  • San Bernardino Unified
    phone: 909-381-1100


  • Rialto Unified
    phone: 909-820-7700


Here are the utility companies that provide services to homes in Rosena Ranch.


County Services
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