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County Projects ~ Updates

As many of you are aware, the Board began working on a number of projects with the County of San Bernardino in 2018. Here is the latest information on each of the projects (as of December 2018):

1. Digital marquee signs: County Counsel approval is required as the signs would be placed in medians along Sycamore Creek Loop Parkway as well as Clearwater Parkway; the medians are owned by the County. The Board will provide the County with information on the manufacturers, sizes, models, and exact placement of the signs for further consideration in this request.

2. Trash Containers Along Sycamore Creek Loop: County approval and permits may be required for the project. The Board will provide the County with the exact number of proposed trash containers, their locations along The Loop, as well as a maintenance plan for further review and consideration.

3. License Plate Readers: County Counsel approval is required as the cameras would be placed in County owned and maintained areas along Sycamore Creek Parkway and Clearwater Parkway. The Counsel would need to evaluate such considerations as violation of privacy laws, power source(s), as well as where the initial and long terms funds for the cameras would originate.

4. Community Identification (Zip Code Change): A preliminary request for review of the current zip code boundaries was mailed to the Post Master with the US Post Office in November 2018. This request was the first step in a lengthy process for the Post Office to review the current zip code boundaries. The ultimate goal is to have Rosena Ranch identified separately from San Bernardino, CA 92407.

5. School District Boundaries: The Board is working with the County of San Bernardino, who in turn is coordinating communication between the San Bernardino City Unified School District (SBCUSD) and the Rialto Unified School District (RUSD). The County is in the process of coordinating a joint meeting for all parties to officially begin the boundary review and realignment process. The ultimate goal will be to have ALL of Rosena Ranch under the SBCUSD umbrella and give all residents the opportunity to attend Paakuma K-8.

6. Relocation of Devore Fire Station: A suitable location for the new fire station is being researched. All funds for the new station are available, whenever the location is found.

7. Traffic Control: The County cannot use money collected from gas taxes to fund a traffic study as all streets have not yet been turned over to the County for maintenance and ownership. If Lennar (as the owner of some of the streets within the community) is unwilling to pay for the study, the County may approach the HOA to contribute to the cost of the traffic study.

8. Street Lights: The current street lights will be retro-fitted with LED lights by the end of 2018. After the retrofit is complete, the County will evaluate if additional lighting is needed within Rosena Ranch (at the intersection of Sycamore Creek Loop and Sycamore Creek Parkway, for example).

9. Pedestrian Access to "Crash Gates": No update available from the County at this time.

10. Glen Helen Parkway Bridge: The bridge is scheduled for completion in 2020; traffic impact to the community in order to complete the project is not known at this time.

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